Alumni Stories

Every ACTS alumni has a story, and this the place to share yours.  Let us know when you graduated and what you have been up to since.    It would be great if you could share how ACTS has been part of your journey.

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  1. Posted by Bob Cottrill on July 7, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    A few years after graduating from Trinity Western, I began taking classes at the nearest seminary that I could find – which happened to be North West Baptist Seminary in New Westminster. When ACTS started up (in about 1989??) I transferred out to the Langley campus and continued to take classes until I had enough classes to graduate with a MTS degree. (I was able to transfer in a variety of classes from NWBTS and Regent.)

    Since enrolling at Seminary, I have served as a Youth Pastor (Abbotsford Free Church), Senior Pastor (Cedar Vally Mennonite Church) and for the past 10 years as Worship Pastor (North Park Community Church.)

    The classes that I remember and appreciate the most were Systematic Theology, History of Charismatic Christianity (with Dr. Davis), and hermeneutics!


  2. Bob, Good on you for being the first. This must be quick for I am focused on needs in Tehran as I type. I drove my profs. crazy and my favourite also was Dr. Davis …. after completing his History & CC courses I requested to attend for two years following for he ministered to my soul during some of the more difficult times. Do you know if he is okay? He was the guest speaker at the consecration of our society home in 1998 ….. see …. he was an incredible gift to ACTS and he was the founder to the master programmes…

    Could I please ask you to raise up intercessors for Iran, particularly those in jail, etc. throughout your church and with other pastors who regularly intercede for world events? (also for two Persian families, Nojo and Farbod) … I was in Tehran in 77/78 and have an enormous burden. Thank you so much Bob! May God keep you and cover you and your loved ones under the shadow of His wings, trisha.klawe


  3. I came to ACTS as part of my pastoral sabbatical. What started out as a short term educational upgrade turned into an amazing two year adventure. Since graduating from ACTS I founded Pathways Forward, a ministry that specializes in helping churches through leadership transitions. My time at ACTS helped me to think deeply about the relationship between church and culture and how this impacts pastoral placements, hiring, and fit. I live in Langley and have continued to have a relationship with ACTS. I have enjoyed being a guest speaker in some classes, speaking in chapel and continuing in relationship with some of the faculty and staff.

    ACTS also helped me work through another important aspect of my life. While taking the course Postmodern Worship I read the book Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer. He asks the question “what is it you can’t not do?” As I relfected on this question I realized that my passion for music was something that I just “can’t not do.” So in addition to my work as a Transitional Minsitry Specialist I also teach music in my home studio and play with Quintessential, a working jazz band.

    My favourite courses? I enjoyed them all, but engaged most deeply with most anything Bruce Guenther taught about Christianity and Culture, History of Evangelicalism, etc..


  4. Posted by Bill Norris on October 6, 2009 at 5:27 am

    I am particularly thankful this year for two things:

    First, Carolyn with whom I have spent 32 years of marriage. She has been an amazing part of my life and has seen us through in many situations. She has such skill to see the ‘possibilities’ where i see only the ‘don’t want to do that’. I would have been a sad and lonely man were it not for her not to mention that I may not have found my way back to the Lord without her.

    Second, the strength of the Holy Spirit for this past year which has been filled with family, church and professional stress points. At this time they seem to be resolving themselves and now I can see some of what the Lord intended I learn from them. I still seek his voice and there will be more decisions to be made but I am beginning to see the road ahead.

    Every course over the last 5 years that I have taken at ACTS was my favourite at the time!


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