The Alumni Conumdrum

I have been giving a great deal of thought to the reason why ACTS alumni is virtually a non-existent entity.  So many alumni I talk to tell me that while at ACTS they had a great time, made good friends, some met their spouse, and overall had a favorite prof or two, BUT, upon gradution the relationship with ACTS was pretty much over.   My conclusions so far . . . . 

Most students who attend ACTS do so part-time, they commute, and most of the connecting is done in the classroom or (now) the new collegium.  There is no real on campus community because no one lives on campus and there are virtually no events that include all of the student body.  Chapel would be the closest, I guess and it only gets at best about 10-20% of the student body in attendance.  Well, there is grad I guess, the one all encompassing event, at the end!  ACTS is really a collection of little communities.  Also there is no grad association, director, or group to nurture any kind of post-graduation community.  It also seems most of ACTS grads really don’t connect all that well to being part of the TWU alumni association.  (except for discounts and library priveleges) 

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a rant, but I would be curious to know what alumni are thinking about being alumni.


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  1. I am still pondering that question myself. What does it mean to be an ACTS alumni? Students attend ACTS for a brief time, interact with one another in the class, collegium and some events. However, ACTS students (on the whole) are very pragmatic about their time at ACTS. They have families, bills to pay and a purpose for their respective degrees. Once the degree is completed then an ACTS graduate is off to find work, continue work or returns to his or her country of origin to do the work God has called him or her to do. Therefore, it is difficult to connect with fellow alumni. We are all over the world. Life calls us. God calls us. We hope our degree means something in the grand scheme of things. Yet, a blog such as this that helps us connect with one another, even in a small way, is beneficial. (Including the ACTS alumni facebook group is profitable to lift one another up in our ministries, jobs and so forth). I do wish there were more alumni events and gatherings, but the internet connection will have to suffice for now.


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